Checking The Pulse Of The Kansas City Real Estate Market

When preparing your home for sale, it’s critical that you de-clutter the home. I’ve mentioned before that preparing one room can’t come at the expense of another room. The entire home needs to appeal to homebuyers and getting clutter out of the home is imperative. Donating or throwing away items isn’t always an option, and a home I sold last year was a prime example. The couple had recently married and the entire basement of the home is where one of the spouses entire household of items resided.  This couple had no friends or family in town with storage space, so the choice was made to have pods delivered to get the items out the home.

A potentially cheaper but more labor intensive option is hauling the items yourself to a self-storage facility. Either way, getting the items out of the home is a great choice and will help sellers net the most out of their home.   Another seller last year had very little clutter but they also had very little storage space. 90% of the basement area was finished and this left little storage space for the items they did have. If they hadn’t hauled all the items to a self-storage facility, the perception absolutely would have been that this home had no storage space — and perception is reality.

If storing items is in your future, here’s a list of companies that can help you with self-storage facility or having a pod delivered and then hauled away and stored until you’re ready to have it delivered

Mobile Storage
PODS Kansas City
Pack Rat
Boxt Containers
Mobile Storage
Budget Mobile Storage
SAM Store & Move
Mobile Mini

Self Storage
Public Storage
U-Haul Kansas City
Security Self Storage
Extra Space Storage


Posted by Jason A. Brown
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