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After calculating the absorption rate over the past 15 days in Johnson County, we find there’s currently 7.1 months of inventory on the market. This is a positive trend and since there’s more – not less – homes for sale than when we last looked at the Johnson County market, the improvement can be chalked up to an increased sales rate. Although 7.1 months of inventory is indicative of a buyer’s market, it’s not far from what most would consider a stable real estate market. Once the volume of distressed properties coming on the market slows, it’s seems that home prices could stabilize pretty easily due to the continued demand for homes in the area.



Average $


Listings Past 15 Days


Total Active Listings


Newest Contracts Written

410 $235,979 121

Newest Sold (Closed)

274 $227,588 163

* The Average $ of Newest Contracts considers the price the homes were listed at when they went under contract. Data pulled from Heartland MLS and deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Low samplings in any category can skew results. Stats may not be an exact 15 days from date of this post. DOM = Days On Market.

There could be more good news in the 410 homes that went under contract in Johnson County the past 15 days. If we took the leap of faith and assumed that all of those homes would make it to the closing table (and used that figure to calculate the absorption rate), it would calculate to 4.7 months of inventory currently on the market. If your real estate goals involve buying or selling a home in Johnson County Kansas, please contact me for assistance. Our group helps buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals every day and we look forward to assisting you.

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  1. […] on the market. This amount of inventory is considered a buyer’s market. When we looked at Johnson County’s real estate stats in April, we found 7.1 months of inventory at that time. There’s fewer homes on the market now than […]