Checking The Pulse Of The Kansas City Real Estate Market

We’ve discussed how staging a home is much more than just doing a thorough cleaning and moving a couch and some decorations here and there. Organizing and simplifying are great ideas but staging is about using the most cost-effective means to improve your home and help you net the most when selling your investment. Your goal should be to bring your home up to par with the competition or to go the extra mile to position yourself ahead of the competition in home buyers minds. For years, in a seller’s market, the former was good enough. But more recently, today’s buyer’s market demands Kansas City home sellers look closely at going the extra mile.

A staging tip that we’re seeing used often is replacing dated half bathroom vanities with pedestal lavatories. Pedestal lavatories, like the one above, are cost-effective, easy to install and provide a very clean finished look. Probably the biggest consideration when changing from a cabinet vanity to a pedestal lavatory is the flooring that’s been hidden under the old cabinet vanity.  Is it in good shape, bad shape or discolored? It could likely require installing new flooring but that can also make sense. A bathroom area is such a small amount of square footage that the cost of new flooring can be very manageable as well… and imagine how the bathroom will look with new flooring and eye-popping pedestal lavatory.

Posted by Jason A. Brown

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  1. I enjoyed finding your website this morning! Much good information. As a design professional, I would like to comment on your article on pedastal sinks. Pedastal sinks do offer a clean, updated look that can open up a bath and add visual space. I’ve used the same approach in the past when remodeling a half bath in one of my homes. However if homeowners only have 1 bath – a reality in many small, 2 bedroom bungelows throughout south KC – they should consider whether replacing an existing vanity with a newer one might be the best answer so they won’t deprive the home of much needed storage and task space. Keeping surfaces and cabinetry light can minimize the visual size of the vanity without stealing from functional requirements. Pedastal sinks compliment a lot of baths, but homeowners should always weigh whether the form of an item (as in selecting a pedastal sink over a vanity) will add to the optimum function of their space. Form following function should always remain the first consideration. Thanks.

  2. @ Ali March Webb: The majority of homes we deal with are 2, 3, 4+ bathroom homes. I agree if your dealing with a 1 or 1.5 bathroom home that having a cabinet vanity for the main bath is advantageous. Thanks for commenting.