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Memorial Day weekend is finally here, thus kicking off the summer season in Kansas City. For the past month, every time we pass by the pool in our subdivision, the kids bring up how excited they are to jump in. I’m amazed that kids easily forget just how cold the pool is each Memorial Day… or maybe they just don’t care. Anyhow, the time is here as nearly every subdivision pool located and managed by an HOA in the Kansas City area is set to open this weekend. I’m thinking there’s not going to be a single parent in the pool with the cold water and outside temperatures hovering in the 70’s. The Memorial Day weekend also starts the summer season of planning weekend trips to the Lake of the Ozarks.

If you’re new to Kansas City area, many people have a second home at the Lake and others plan a trip or two down to the Lake each summer and stay at an area resort. The three-hour drive is well worth the time to get away for a weekend and if you have a boat it’s even better! If you don’t you can rent a pontoon, though that’s probably not recommended on a holiday weekend. I’ve seen fourth of July weekends where the water literally looked like rough ocean water.  If you’re brave enough to travel by water and hang out with the crazies, check out Party Cove… and, if you’re like me and have kids and are afraid of what the kids might see at party cove, Osage Beach is a better option for taking a break from the water activities — you’ll find shopping, dining and fun things to do.

Posted by Jason Brown

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