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Checking The Pulse Of The Kansas City Real Estate Market

A collaborative report by and finds that 54% of a random 2,000+ people surveyed believe the soonest the housing market will recover is 2014. Perception is reality and for more than half of the people surveyed to believe that, we’re in for a long road ahead. Just six months ago a similar poll found 34% of respondents believed the soonest the housing market would recover would be in 2014. To find that 20% more people feel this way just six months later won’t come as a surprise to many home sellers out there and the path to a successful home sale is clearly ever-changing.

Just 18% of those polled felt the real estate market would improve in 2012 or sooner. It’s possible that things can change that quickly. Truly though, I believe NO ONE can predict just how fast things may improve. Once enough home buyers start jumping back into the market (in anticipation we’re on our way up), it’s anyone’s guess how much affect that will have on home prices.  It could depend whether foreclosures are rising or falling when we get to that point and, again, NO ONE can predict the timing of that either.

Posted by Jason Brown

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