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Checking The Pulse Of The Kansas City Real Estate Market

As I’ve pulled market stats for clients the past several weeks, there’s been a recurring theme of improved market stats for area home sellers. We’ve been in a buyer’s market for several years but we’ve definitely transitioned recently into a balanced real estate market in some areas. That’s giving confidence to many homeowners to get their homes on the market and make the move they’ve been postponing for several years. It will be interesting as we head into the spring market to see if the recent impressive volume of home sales can counteract the volume of new listings we’re sure to see the next couple of months.

The local real estate market has definitely been gaining momentum recently and while I don’t think we’re ever going to the crazy seller’s market that led up to the housing mess, I think it’s reasonable to expect a slow and steady recovery in Johnson County Kansas, Overland Park and much of the surrounding area. Though if the current real estate market shift continues, it’s going to leave more and more home buyers struggling to understand why there’s fewer homes from which to choose. 

Posted by Jason Brown

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