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Checking The Pulse Of The Kansas City Real Estate Market

This weekend we head into December and people are turning their attention towards the holiday season… On my street, half the homes already have Christmas lights up. We’re still waiting on the first snow of the season and showings usually remain decent until the first heavy snow of December in Kansas City — we’ll see how that plays out this year. If you’re a relocation buyer heading into town to check out our area’s housing options, you’ll probably need a break at some point in between the house shopping. If so, here’s some December events to consider…

12/15/12 – Carrie Underwood

Thru 12/25/12 Santa Claus

Thru 12/31/12 Christmas Lights

12/31/12 New Year’s Eve Celebrations

You can find additional December events here and here.

Posted by Jason Brown

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