Checking The Pulse Of The Kansas City Real Estate Market

With the supply of homes down in Johnson County Kansas, now is a great time to be selling a home. We have heard from sellers planning to wait a month or longer to put their home on the market and we’ve explained it would be a good idea to go ahead now and get the home on the market while inventory is low. The volume of inventory hasn’t been this low in years and in the real estate market, low supply means higher prices… and that’s putting many home sellers in the driver’s seat.

Photo 1591 Still thinking of waiting? Who knows how the market will be in a month or two? There could be an influx of listings by that time and more supply means more options for home buyers. More options for home buyers generally means lower home prices. And who knows what mortgage interest rates are going to do? They’re already trending higher and higher interest rates mean buyers who can afford your home today may not be able to next month. At this time, most home sellers are a big fish in a small pond and waiting to put a home on the market could definitely prove costly.

Much of the inventory of homes on the market now are distressed properties that need work. So if your home is in pristine condition and priced appropriately, it could sell within a week’s time. Average listings are selling within 30 days. Some of the best homes are even seeing multiple offer situations and selling above list price. Wouldn’t it be nice to get an offer where the buyer isn’t asking you to pay for their closing costs? Where the buyer isn’t asking for a home warranty and your refrigerator, washer and dryer? Most of all, wouldn’t it be nice to tell a buyer you are standing firm on your price because there’s considerable demand for your home? That’s the market many home sellers are finding themselves in today and now is an excellent time to get your home on the market.

Posted by Jason Brown

  1. Jeff Reglin says:

    You are right on target with this post. We are seeing multiple offers on our new homes. There have been a couple instances where people have made offers ABOVE list price to secure the home of their dreams. Despite the weather, it has been a very hot spring in residential real estate.