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Checking The Pulse Of The Kansas City Real Estate Market

As we head into November, the temperatures have cooled in Kansas City. We’ve been seeing daily temperatures in the 50’s, with dips down near freezing and occasional highs in the 70’s. The typical Kansas City real estate market slows down near the end of the November and stays at a slower pace often until after the holidays. But the belief that it’s a bad time to sell isn’t always true because, while there’s fewer home buyers in the market, there’s also fewer sellers to compete with at that time of year. Should you be relocating to Kansas City and in town during the month of November, you may want to break up the home search by checking out some of these Kansas City events…

11/8/13 – Keith Urban

11/12/13 – Pink

Thru 11/16/13 – American Royal

11/17/13 – Selena Gomez

11/25/13 thru 11/26/13 – CBE Basketball Classic

11/28/13 – Plaza Lighting Ceremony

Various dates – Kansas City Chiefs

Find more local events here and here.

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