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If you’re thinking about jumping into a real estate career, consider this recent Forbes news article covering the CareerBliss annual report on companies in the United States with the happiest work force heading into 2017. Narrowing the list below so we can look at just the top 10, it’s a who’s who of major U.S corporations. Keller Williams Realty continues its meteoric rise, not only in the real estate world, but settling in at #3 among all companies across the country.

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If you’ve considered getting your real estate license, let me know your questions regarding getting into the business. I’ll let you know what I see as the keys to building a successful real estate career. I’ll also help you gain an understanding from a “real estate agent’s point of view” on why Keller Williams is the #3 happiest company to work for in the country, why Keller Williams has more agents than any real estate company in the country, and why my Overland Park Keller Williams office is the #1 producing office of any real estate brokerage in the entire metro area. Even if you’re already licensed and working elsewhere, contact me because I can definitely help you with making a switch to Keller Williams Realty.

I can quickly get you a meeting scheduled with the leader of our 500+ agent office, where any additional questions can be answered. My office will go over what it takes for a new agent to get their career off on the right foot. Some agents want to go it alone, others want to form a team with another agent, some want to be a buyer’s agent with a group in the office, etc. There’s benefits and challenges to each of the possibilities and my office will go over all of them with you. My office has a mentoring program where a productity coach works with new agents to help them through each important early career step, including getting started (obtaining your real estate license), generating business (contacts and relationships), handling the business (contract to closing) and working to build a thriving real estate career.

Most real estate companies operate under the belief that the company is great and that makes their agents great. But at Keller Williams Realty – and specifically with my Overland Park Keller Williams office – the belief is that our company and office are great because OUR AGENTS MAKE IT GREAT. My Overland Park Keller Williams office is an award winning organization offering the training, technology, leadership, favorable agent commission splits and profit sharing model that you won’t find elsewhere.

The Forbes article considered how employees rate their work environment, workers relationship with management, growth opportunities, compensation and overall satisfaction with their position in the company.  Check out the full article here on the list of top 50 Happiest Companies To Work For In 2017 and contact me to discuss the possibilities of joining Keller Williams Realty.

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