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If you are preparing to sell a home in Johnson County Kansas or the surrounding Kansas City area, home buyers will be looking closely at the condition of your home. A home with new paint and carpet and that appears priced decently can go unsold if there are other issues once a buyer looks deeper. Granite kitchen counter tops are certainly an eye catcher, but if the buyer looks up and see a leaking roof then your wonderful kitchen may not matter. Gleaming hardwood floors are an attention-getting but if a buyer sees that your furnace is at the end of its life expectancy, such differed maintenance can kill your home sale. So when preparing your home for sale, don’t just be focused on the cosmetic items, also look closely for any mechanical or structural issues that will turn buyers away.

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Cosmetic and remodeling projects are great but sellers usually see the largest return on investment when they focus repairs on the core mechanical and structural items in their home. Buyers love an updated kitchen, remodeled bath and fresh paint and carpet, but they’re looking just as hard for major issues, such as window or siding issues… And they’re more likely to walk away from your home due to an old roof than due to old paint. The latest home improvement trends indicate several home improvements that stand out for their return on investment. One is kitchen updating, which nets sellers 94% on their return on investment. The second is siding repair. Knowing a home is weather-tight is a major concern for home buyers and that’s why home sellers recoup 93% of the money spent making siding repairs.

The best return on investment of all, and the only one that returns more than 100% on your investment is, wait for it… re-insulating your attic. Today’s buyers are conscious of utility costs and re-insulating an attic is of value to every home buyer — which is why it nets home sellers a 108% return on their investment. Other great improvements include roof replacement and window replacement, if either are at the end of their life expectancy — both return 80% on investment. Curb appeal is also important and because you never get a second chance at a first impression, replacing front doors and garage doors have a solid return on investment. Because home buyers will be looking for a home that’s in good cosmetic, mechanical and structural condition, you’ll want to be sure you don’t overlook any of these of areas when preparing your home for sale.

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